Monday, June 13, 2005

Phil Johnson jumps into the Blogosphere... in typical Phil-Johnson-style

I try to take a little time each day to survey the blogosphere. I find this both entertaining an enlightening. We all need a laugh to keep us sane and otherwise healthy. As far as enlightenment, I occasionally find a few bright spots in the realm of the blogger that help me think through the issues of the day. My most recent "bright spot" is Pyromaniac, the blogging thoughts of Phil Johnson, of the Spurgeon Archive and Grace to You Ministries. Phil combines his extensive contacts with his keen insights. He makes reference to MANY other blogs and quips about the content you might find if you follow his links. It is sort of a portal into the evangelical blogosphere.

In typical Phil-Johnson-style, he tackles some of the more cutting edge issues of the day right off the bat. In a recent post he opens the dialogue on a subject the has dominated much of the evangelical blogdom, including a variety of posts right here at my site. He questions the extent to which evangelicals should partner with unbelievers for political gain. It resembles, to some degree, his excellent chapter "Let Your Light So Shine" in Fool's Gold. This particular post has drawn, at this point, 31 comments, some even from the likes of fellow blogger, Steve Camp.

The thoughts brought out in this post and the subsequent comments form the basis for the article I promised last week, and am still working on, on the subject of Evangelical Unity.

Happy reading and... Grace to You!

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